Principal investigator

Racheli Schyr

Lab manager and research associate

Arnon Haran

Research Fellow, MD

Question: how does liver metabolism chagne after bariatric surgery

Oksana Degtjarik

Joint post-doctoral fellow

Question: what is the structure of genetic obesity?

Hadar Israeli

MD-PhD student

Question: does sleeve gastrectomy improve fatty liver independent of weight loss, and how?

Yhara Arad

MD-MSc student

Question: what neuroendocrine axes control weight regain after bariatric surgery?

Michael Bergel

MD-MSc student

Question: can our favorite pathway contribute to fatty liver resolution?

Liron Hefetz

MD-MSc student

Question: can we reverse the effecs of bariatirc surgery on embryonic development?

Sarah Knapp

Computational Biology MSc student

Dana Sender

​Computational Biology MSc Student

Question: how does the stomach respond to sleeve gastrectomy?

Shira Azulai

MD student

Question: does bariatric surgery have weight-loss indepdnent effects on NAFLD?

Itia Magenheim

MD student

Question: does bariatric surgery have an effect on the brain in a mouse model of Alzheimer's?

Ziv Regev

MD student

Question: what is life?

Uria Tsubari

MD student

Question: how does the endocrine pancreas respond to mini gastric bypass?

Doron Kleiman

Undergraduate biology student

Question: what is the utility of somatostatin in endocrine regulation

Mahmoud Nawas

Medical Intern

Project: applying CGM to rodent models

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